AUV & ROV Unmanned Operations

SEA-KIT™ has been designed to be the first unmanned mother-ship for Remote vehicles such as Large AUVs or ROVs.

This unique ability allows for missions such as deep water bathymetry or mine clearance without placing any human personnel in harm's way and at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional manned vessels.

SEA-KIT's Long-Range and Long-Endurance capability means that extended missions can be undertaken in a solo capacity or as part of a larger group of manned or unmanned vessels. SEA-KIT™ is currently developing automatic AUV charging to allow multiple missions to be undertaken without human interaction.

Data can be transmitted via Broadband link or via satellite following on-board processing and compression. Alternatively data can be stored on-board for retrieval at a later date if required.

SEA-KIT™ can also be fitted with various sensor for Bathymetry or other scanning. These include Multi-beam Echo Sounding equipment.